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LED General Information

  • LED's have been in active use for years
  • LED's us 90% of the energy they consume for light output. Compared to ordinary bulbs that only use 10% of the energy they consume for light output.
  • Recent technology advancements has allowed LED's to be a better light replacement than Fluorescent and Incandescent light bulbs
  • LED's have no harmful gases or metallic poisons.
  • Federal mandate that no fluorscents to be in federal buildings after 2012.


 Benefits of LED's

  • Most LED's can be installed into existing standard light fixtures
  • LED's pay for themselves generally in 2 years or less.
  • LED's will last from 15-35 years with regular daily usage.
  • LED's put money back in your pocket in the first month of operation!
  • Produces better quality of light in 4 choices of Kelvin.
  • Produces 

LED Lighting Comparisons


Fluorescents and Incandescents

  • Quite operation-zero noise
  • Directional Light
  • No Ballasts to burn out
  • Instant On-  no warm up time
  • Operates at 100% in cold Temperature
  • Non-hazardous disposal
  • Rated for over 100,000
  • Noisy, gives off a humming sound
  • Wasted energy and light pollution
  • Ballasts need replacing every 15,000 hours
  • Poor Operation in Cold Temps
  • Special regulated disposal
  • Short Life Span

LED Bulbs Comparisons 

LED Bulbs


Fluorescents and Incandescents

  • 98% Recyclable
  • No Toxins
  • No Heat
  • No Radiation
  • No Headaches
  • Strobing 300/sec
  • Has Mercury Gas
  • Emits Radiation
  • 90% Heat, 10% Light (Incandescents)
  • 70% Heat, 30% Light (Fluorescents)
  • Strobing 30/sec


Light Output 



Fluorescents and Incandescents

  • Directional
  • Available in 4 Kelvin colors:
    • 7500 Cool White
    • 5800 Day White
    • 4100 Natural White
    • 2700 Warm White
  • T-8, New Thinner
  • T-12, Replacement of T-8



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