Light Strings - LED

Wide Angle Micro LED
MICRO Wide Angle LED Bulbs will make your standard "mini light" strings obsolete. Connect up to 2000 bulbs in one circuit. 50 Light Strings Require NO adapters or power supplies! NEW! Commercial Grade C6 LED Light Strings require NO adapters or power supplies, connect up 2000 bulbs on one circuit!

COMMERCIAL GRADE C6, C7, C9, M5, G12, & G25 LIGHT STRINGS - CONNECT 150 SETS IN ONE STRING!  Over 3600 - 3750 bulbs in one circuit. - That's over a half-mile of light in one string, on one circuit, ONE PLUG (end-to-end) with NO OVERLOAD at 2.4 watts or .02 amps per 25 bulb string.

This commercial grade series offers unparalleled connectivity due to heavier 20 gauge wiring and other improvements. All of these sets have coaxial connections that offer watertight, tamper proof solutions.  At only .0008 amps per bulb; these bulbs are revolutionizing our industry.
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