Commercial LED Lighting LED is a clean tech company that maufactures LED lighting products for commerical and residential applications. Our LEDs are engineered to install into existing infrastructure and make the transition from fluorescents or incandescents simple and cost-effective. Each LED is designed to accomplish the following:

  • immediately save 50% in energy consumption
  • operate at 90% efficiency
  • eliminate maintenance expenses
  • last for 50,000+ hours
  • maintain a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle LED offer greater longevity, robustness, versatility, and efficiency than incandescents, fuorescents, and other traditional lighting. We carry a broad range of products to meet all types of commerical and residential needs, including household bulbs, high power bulbs, tube lights, candelabras, high bays, low bays, PAR lights, spot lights, street lights, interior luminares, and exterior luminares. We also offer advanced applications for industry-specific products on demand.

The quality of our products is unmatched by our competitors. To date, has the only UL/ETL approved LED product line designed for true retrofit applications. Our proprietary technology enables our lights to be remanufactured after their useful life, reusing 90% of the components. We also offer value pricing for an expedient ROI. Our high engineering standards, vast array of products, true retrofit capabilities, and commitment to quality LED the lighting solution.





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